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A blog by Carla Keegans Founder of The Ethical Lettings Agency CIX and The Ethical Housing Company.


There are new legal requirements being introduced from April 2020. Failure to comply risks fines or prosecution.

Electrical Safety Certificates

There is a Bill going through Parliament expected to become law in April (it has cross-party support) which will require all privately rented properties to have electrical condition testing carried out and a 5 year electrical safety certificate put in place. There will also be legal requirements about giving this information to tenants.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

From 1st April 2020 all rented properties must have an EPC in place with a minimum E rating (whether tenanted or not). The Prescribed Information legal requirements about giving the EPCs to tenants must also be followed.

Ongoing legal/tax changes affecting private landlords

The Government will continue to shine a spotlight on the private rent sector, which can add up to be costly for landlords. That’s because Government gives out £billions in Housing Benefit/Universal Credit annually to private landlords but it does not get enough taxes back. In addition, there are far more families with children and vulnerable people in the private rent sector, so any Government has an obligation to protect people.

Do you have property to sell? We buy - no fees!

  • The Ethical Housing Company (EHC) buys residential properties from landlords (and anyone else selling).

  • We look for properties in the Teesside area; 1-3 beds largely, under £75K.

  • We will give you an indicative offer price quickly, subject to surveys.

  • If you accept the offer we then have a quick and transparent process.

  • We charge no fees to sell to us.

  • All properties acquired by EHC are then passed to TELA to let and manage.

Please contact us to let, manage or sell your property!

Louise Gilbey

07555 946 853

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